Thank you to everyone who made the 2018 WA Train to Hunt amazing!  


 Come be part of the TTH Family.  

One thing you will take away from TTH 2017, no matter how well you place, is a sense of family.  The support, encouragement, and friendships is what you will remember and take away from these events.  Bring your spouse, your children, your friends, and make it a family event.  Oregon will be having a kids division this year- get em started young!  

2017 Train to Hunt Schedule

Visit the Train to Hunt website to see all the 2018 events and get signed up! 

2016 Train To Hunt Challenge Enumclaw WA - Gritty Experience

Run, Shoot, CLimb and get ready for the backcountry! 

Training is an essential part of being ready for the rigors the backcountry lifestyle can throw at you.  Climbing big mountains, shooting a bow under pressure, and packing out heaving loads is the norm with archery hunting, so what better way to get ready.  If you don't hunt, that's OK!  This event can help improve your strength, focus, and endurance.  

 Kenton Clairmont, founder of Train to Hunt with Ryan. 

Kenton Clairmont, founder of Train to Hunt with Ryan.