The Sthealthy Garden- 2017

Gardening is just another tool for self sufficiency that we enjoy.  We don't need to rely on the market to supply what we can grow ourselves.  Just like hunting, gardening, and harvesting of wild foods affords superior nutrition, and a healthy way to teach our children where their food comes from.  Over the season, and through the years of our lives,  we reap the rewards of the planning, preparing, and hard work that growing our own food creates.  Over time, with trial and error, the hard work of gardening becomes a welcome part of spring, summer, and fall, and feeds us through the winter.   There is a huge sense of accomplishment when we move into the summer days and gardening not only offers self reliance, monetary savings, and knowing what's in (or not in) your food, it allows for a sense of accomplishment not found in the grocery store.  We hope to help you know if your willing to put in a little hard work and the time to learn, gardening- large or small- can greatly benefit your families health and sense of accomplishment.    -Ryan and Hillary Lampers