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Super Simple Venison Meatballs

Super Simple Venison Meatballs

Meatballs are a great way to blend many ingredients and make a simple, quick addition to any meal. They are also great for using wild game burger with added fat, or mix with other fattier meats such as pork or beef. This super simple recipe is fast and and flavorful!

Poor Gal's Pasta

Poor Gal's  Pasta

 This is literally the very first dish Hillary cooked for Ryan way back in the day. It's cheap to make, quick, and packed full of garlic, which is a favorite in the Sthealthy garden and kitchen. It adds a flair of Mediterranean flavor with pepperoncini peppers, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and parmesan.

Sthealthy Backcountry Bars

Sthealthy Backcountry Bars

For the last few years, we have been experimenting with making our own healthy snacks.  Protein bars are good for quick energy, but they can be expensive and full of binders, sweeteners, and poor quality proteins.  So we started making our own.

Bone Broth- Liquid Gold

Ox tail bone broth with some yummy fat...recipe adapted from  Natural Solutions for Digestive Health. 

Ox tail bone broth with some yummy fat...recipe adapted from Natural Solutions for Digestive Health. 

In our household, we call bone broth "liquid gold".  It's a wonderful way to get healthy and healing compounds into the gut to help restore and heal the lining.  You can make your bone broth out of the following bone types:

  • Beef bones (or we call ox tail)  preferably from grass fed cows.
  • Wild game of any kind, if you are so lucky to get them out of the backcountry!
  • Poultry, chicken or turkey - use the neck, skin, and all bones.
  • Seafood, heads, tails, and bones of fish, fish heads.  

To make your broth, place the bones of choice in a 6-7 quart slow cooker/crock pot.  Cover completely with COLD water and then 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar. (this helps bones release collagen- very important step!) 

For more flavor, add vegetable such as onions, carrots, celery, garlic, greens, garlic, herbs.  

Cook overnight or 8 hours, and then strain out all solids, pouring the "liquid gold" into glass jars, or ziploc containers for the freezer.  Once it is totally cool, skim off the fat and then store immediately in 2  to 4 cup portions.  

Use for all soup bases, or eat alone.  This is the best gut healing food around!


Ryan's Backcountry Mountain Mush

Ryan's Backcountry Mountain Mush

Breakfast is an essential part of starting any day, but especially a backcountry hunting or travel trip.  Ryan's favorite food is an oatmeal concoction that he's labeled Mountain Mush.  It's full of healthy carbs, fats, and protein, and has calories to fuel any long day of hiking.