Sthealthy programs

We are striving to create resources to improve your health!  Look through our programs below! 


28 Day Gut Restoration Program

Download this FREE 28 Day Gut Restoration Program and get on your way to improved digestion, absorption, and nutrition.  This program comes with nutritional, supplemental, and lifestyle suggestions to help you problem solve any digestive complaints, reset your gut health, and improve overall quality of life. 


The Testosterone Effect

If you  listened to the HHH Podcast Episode #19:  Mind, Muscle, and Metabolism, Testosterone, and All Things Man with Dr. Jade Teta, then you know he knows his stuff when it comes to hormones.  This very affordable online DIY program goes through a number of modules helping you to understand your testosterone biochemistry, symptoms of low T, natural ways to improve it, lab values, and the latest research on TRT.   


Start Your Garden: How Much To Plant for a Year's Worth of Food Freebie From Melissa K. Norris of PioNeering Today. 

It's always a great idea to know how much you will need to plant to feed your family size for a year, so our HHH Episode #22 guest, Melissa K. Norris of the Pioneering Today Podcast, has created this guide to help! Her website is a goldmine for the homesteader lifestyle! 


Navigating lyme disease with Dr. Darin Ingels and Dr. Hillary Lampers

In our two part Lyme Disease podcast series, Dr. Darin Ingels shares his expertise with Lyme Disease.  You can download his powerpoint to help you navigate this complex disease here, and then listen in to both Part 1 and Part 2 on the Hunt Harvest Health Podcast.