HHH Episode #20 The Wise Family- Jesse and Amanda Wise talk Train to Hunt, Bowhunting, Family, and Faith

The Wise Family

The Wise Family

Today's podcast was great fun for us to record.  Visiting Jesse and Amanda Wise at their home in Oregon, we got to sit down and talk about hunting, Train to Hunt, family, hunting styles, and faith.  Jesse is the 2016 Train to Hunt Director, and both him and Amanda are National TTH champs in the doubles division.  These two have their hands full with 5 amazing kids, homeschooling, and a strong faith community.  They are two people you just want to be around, there energy and positivity are contagious! 

When I could start walking and talking, I’d be waiting by the door when my dad would show up after a hunt. I couldn’t wait to hear the story.
— Jesse Wise

In the 1st hour we touch on the topics of:

  • Where Jesse got his love for hunting. 
  • Experiencing his oldest son's first elk hunt success. 
  • Amanda shares her first two hunts, and how it changed her. 
  • Jesse's Train to Hunt story and how it changed his health. 
  • Hillary and how TTH changed her perception of hunting. 
  • Jesse and Ryan talk about why working together to keep hunting rights for everyone is so important. 
  • How the current hunting community is changing and why. 
  • Amanda talks about her competitive spirit.

In the second hour we hit on:  

  • The addition of the kids division to TTH.  
  • The Wise kids and growing up hunting.
  • They share the first all family Elk hunt. 
  • The importance of getting outside and sharing the backcountry experience with your family, and understanding that hunting changes with kids. 
  • How Amanda and Jesse's hunting styles are totally different, and Amanda's first frustrating elk hunt with Jesse, and their whisper fight while the elk watched.  
  • Amanda shares Jesse's strengths, and vice versa.
  • Jesse shares his greatest weakness, and vice versa.
  • They both share there gratitude for faith and the role Jesus plays in their lives. 
  • Getting in on your Train to Hunt Grand Slam membership. 
Come and let us cheer you on, and be changed by Train to Hunt.
— Amanda Wise
Jesse and Amanda- Train to Hunt Champions

Jesse and Amanda- Train to Hunt Champions