HHH Episode #73: WA Mule Deer Recap Part Two


Hey guys, welcome to the show! Today’s episodes are a two part series, with Ryan hosting our two guests, Ryan Balas and Joey Pyburn. Lampers, Ryan and Joey spent nearly eight days in Washington high country this year, hunting mule deer on an OTC rifle tag. In these two episodes the three reminisce over their adventure, sharing many details and stories that you won’t find on any camera. And let's face it, that’s probably because we would all rather hunt than run camera when it comes down to it! The next two shows are about an hour long, and cover nearly every day in their hunt. Thank you all for tuning in!

Show Notes:

  • Where we left off (1:30)

  • Tracking all night (8:00)

  • “My second shot is always my best shot” (15:45)

  •  Lampers on the other side of the mountain (20:00)

  • The mountain lion and the bear (27:30)

  • Dark spots at last light (36:00)

  • Lampers dream buck (41:00)

  • Old heavy and dark (47:00)

  • Misery is memorable (51:30)

Part Two of Two.