HHH Episode #44: True Conservation with Zach Kenner - What Would You Do and How You Can Help.

Hillary, Ryan, and Zach talking True Conservation (with muffins, butter, and Halloween spider webs) 

Hillary, Ryan, and Zach talking True Conservation (with muffins, butter, and Halloween spider webs) 

This podcast brings Zach, Ryan, and Hillary together to review Zach's new film from the Full Draw Film Tour.  It launches November 13, 2017 so make sure to share with your friends and family.  It's hard to watch and can bring up different emotions for different folks, but we hope that all hunters understand mercy.  We respect Zach and his decision to share this story.  It's a new age in the hunting film industry, and Zach is helping to pave the way.

Zach kenner and his father Bob kenner were prepping for the archery mule deer season. It was July and they had made a couple scouting trips to the mountains of Idaho in search of some fresh velvet. They saw a lot of smaller bucks, but did manage to find a couple nice mature bucks! With a month and a half left before hunting season, they were waiting with anticipation. At this point,High temperature records were being set across the entire Pacific Northwest. The summer had brought a major drought, and the land was dryer than ever. With fire warning levels at extreme, a couple storm systems moved in and brought the Lightning needed to create huge wildfires. Fires were ignited everywhere. Washington was one of the first to get hit, followed by Idaho and Oregon. These fires weren’t just in the mountains but were everywhere and were threatening towns, killing livestock and leveling people’s homes! Firefighters would seem to get a handle on one fire and a day or so later another would start.

After blowing a stalk in one of the few hunting spots that didn’t burn, the guys headed over to check out the burn. So after a regroup at the truck Zach and his dad decided to go check out the burn and see if any deer had looped back into it. “As we walked through the ash and dust it felt like we were on the moon.” Zach said as he recalled the experience. All the grass and brush was burnt away and only charcoal covered pine trees were left standing. At first glance, as they scanned across the landscape with binoculars, it appeared there was nothing left. No deer were to be seen anywhere. 

Finally after some hunting around the guys found two bucks, one on a ridge-top and one in the bottom. But it appeared that they barely escaped the fire with their lives. The buck in the bottom of the canyon could hardly walk on his hind legs and looked extremely skinny like he hadn’t eaten or drank in weeks. The other buck was bedded down and would repeatedly raise his right front leg and wince in pain; it appeared his shoulder was broken. It didn’t take long for them to decide that they needed to put their tags on those bucks.

Zach’s refection of the hunt:

“When we walked up on both of these bucks we felt extremely bad for them and what they had been through. The fire had left them in really bad shape. The hair on their bodies was singed from head to toe. Their ears were cooked and felt rock hard, like a pigs ear you would buy for your dog at the pet store. Dads buck had taken a huge blow to the face and definitely had a broken front leg. He probably acquired both injuries by jumping off of a cliff trying to escape the fire. My deer had extremely swollen back legs and feet and was so thin you could count every rib. There was definitely a sense of sadness that dad and I felt for the bucks but also a sense of relief knowing they were no longer in pain.”

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