HHH Episode #63: Llamas, Bears, Elk, and The Dream of Living Out West with Mark Livesay of Treeline Pursuits

Welcome back to the podcast!  Today we have the privilege of sharing a conversation we had with our friend Mark Livesay of Treeline Pursuits.  A Missouri native, Mark and his family moved to the mountains of Missoula, Montana and have been living the outdoor life ever since.  With decades as a ironman athlete, and owner of utralmaxsports.com, Mark's realized that his passion for elk hunting was slowly slipping away.  Coming to Montana was a dream that allowed him to return to his passion of elk hunting.  He also has become quite the Llama expert, so we get a taste of how this has changed his backcountry experiences.

Find Mark and his many interests at:

Website:  Ultra Max Sports, Treeline Pursuits

IG:  @treelinepursuits

YouTube: Treeline Pursuits  

Starts June 10th

Starts June 10th