HHH Episode #52: Getting Ready for Next Season: Breaking Down Train to Hunt with Kenton Clairmont, Jesse Wise, and Trever Niestrath

You don’t have to be in shape to hunt, but what if something happens in the backcountry and your partner is hurt, can you get your partner out of there? This is the #1 reason you need to be a fit hunter.
— Kenton Clairmont

In today's podcast, we welcome you back to Train to Hunt season!  Ryan sits down with Kenton Clairmont, Jesse Wise, and Trevor Neistrath, to talk all things TTH.  

To learn more and how to register, visit huntharvesthealth.com/traintohunt

In this podcast:

  • Ryan and Hillary share about the Western Hunt Expo they attended in SLC. 
  • They share where they will be hosting the Washington TTH.  
  • Ryan introduces Kenton Clairmont, Jesse Wise, and Trever Niestrath.  
  • Kenton shares where the idea for TTH started, the original TTH program, and why hunters need to keep in shape all year round so they can finish their hunts strong. 
  • Where it started with Dan Staton, Hoyt, and the stages of a competition. 
  • Run, Shoot, Climb, and where the meat pack started.  
  • Why the 200 pound got decreased to 100 pounds.
  • The 3D event: The 5 second shot, tree stand shot, kneel-stand-shoot, kneeling shot, follow-up shot and it's history. 
  • How timing creates a sense of urgency and rushing to shoot in the 30 second shot.  
  • Trad vs. compound shooting sequence.
  • Divisions this year: 
    • Supermasters: Over 50 Men and Women 
    • Masters: Over 40 Men and Women
    • Open:  Men and Women 16-39
    • Team:  Mens, Womens, and Coed
    • Teen: Boys and Girls 13-15 (1/2 price) 
    • Kiddos
  • Trever Niestrath shares who he is and why he loves TTH. 
  • Trever and Kenton talk about mental toughness pain, and pushing your limits. 
  • Why being in shape is so essential when hunting and packing out an animal. 
  • You don't have to be in shape to hunt, but you should.  
  • How TTH is a great bonding event for health, fitness, and family. 
  • Trevor shares his favorite workouts- outside with weight, step ups, sandbags.
  • Jesse shares his elk hunting story 2017. 
  • Kenton shares all 11 states participating in TTH 2018, and how to get signed up. 
  • The course: Challenge course first thing in morning, 30 minutes recovery, 20 Targets 3D shoot.  
  • Jesse and Kenton share about the kids regional in Oregon this year. 
Kenton Clairmont and Ryan Lampers at Train to Hunt Nationals 2016

Kenton Clairmont and Ryan Lampers at Train to Hunt Nationals 2016

Where to find more info:  

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