HHH Episode #3: Why We Love Steven Dahn

Photo credit Steven Dahn  @huntfit_08   Hat:  Mountain Ops   Shirt:  Gritty Bowman

Photo credit Steven Dahn @huntfit_08

Hat: Mountain Ops

Shirt: Gritty Bowman

In this episode, Ryan and Hillary talk with Mr. Motivation- Steven Dahn. Steven is an avid bowhunter, Train to Hunt competitor, personal trainer extraordinaire, and one the most inspirational people around. Ryan first met Steven at the Nevada Train to Hunt Regionals in 2016.   It’s hard in today’s world to find people who make you want to strive for greatness, who lift you up, and sincerely listen.  Steven Dahn has all of these qualities and more…  

Here's a few of the topics we touch on: 

  • How Ryan and Steven met.
  • His background growing up in Michigan and his love of athletics and archery.
  • His current hunting life in Ashland, Oregon. 
  • What motivates him to train and take care of his body. 
  • Why he interviews all his possible clients, gives them monthly fit tests, and why he prefers to train women. 
  • Extroverts, introverts, and how important support is in getting healthy. 
  • Functional fitness and how he trains.  
  • The three qualities Steven requires all his clients to have. 
  • Why he believes listening is a key skill, and where he learned that. 
  • Why trust is the key component to training, most of all women. 
  • Steven and Ryan discuss how hard it is to just listen. 
  • Why overloading clients with training and nutrition can overwhelm people. 
  • How he met his match in girlfriend Courtney LeVeske. 
  • His favorite hunting story. 
  • And the 3 three questions we ask every guest...you'll have to listen to find out:)
If your afraid of failing, you’ll never reach any of your goals.
— Steven Dahn

Honorable mentions:

How to get in touch with Steven:


I’m grateful for super authentic amazing people.
— Steven Dahn

*Forgive the audio, we are still learning this!