HHH Episode #31: Ryan's Spring Bear Hunt 2017

This year Ryan drew a WA Spring bear tag.  After a few trips to the mountains, he of course, was successful.  This podcast is all about his hunt, as well as Hillary and Ryan discussing the hot topic of bears.  We were a bit tired when we recorded this, but we had a great time discussing this topic.   

In this podcast:

  • Fall bear tags vs. Spring bear tags in Washington.
  • Ryan shares the differences between Western and Eastern Washington hunting. 
  • Why Western WA is great for gardening. 
  • Ryan shares his first trip into the unit...without success. 
  • Ryan goes into the story of his second attempt...and success. 
  • Ryan's morel score,  fiddlehead ferns, and wild onions. 
  • Cooking bear meat and trichinosis.
  • Hillary shares her pregnancy story and their first bear rug.
  • Why Hillary loves bear meat. 
  • The social construct of bears through the media. 
  • Hillary mentions Dave Beronio and how she learned about bears. 
  • Baiting and it's implications, and how the state is still baiting. 
  • Why baiting can be more humane. 
  • Why Ryan would be content with bear hunting over deer hunting.