HHH Episode #28: The Real Solohntr: Getting Personal with Tim Burnett

We had no idea when we started this podcast, that within months of launching we would be talking to people like Tim Burnett of Solohntr.  For years Ryan has been a fan of Solohntr on the Outdoor Channel, since he has been a solo hunter for most of his hunting career.  Like most of the amazing people we have met in the last year, Train to Hunt seems to be the common denominator, which is where Ryan met Tim.

Tim shares a lot of great stuff in this podcast.  He also states that he has shared more personal stories here than on any other podcast or Solohntr episode.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it. 

Solohntr Season 8 Premiers the week of June 26th on the Outdoor Channel, make sure to check it out! 

In the first 30 minutes:

  • Ryan and Tim talk how they met and being introverts. 
  • Gardening and the time investment. 
  • Public land hunting and solo hunting styles. 
  • Why Tim would be a fan of Solohntr if it was someone else filming it. 
  • Tim talks about some mentors in solo hunting and how he is mainly self taught in hunting, editing, etc. 
  • Why this project is about freedom for Tim.
  • Tim's history in product development, and his current products and why he decided to manufacturer these himself. 
  • Tim goes over some of the products he is currently selling or getting ready to launch. 
  • Ryan asks Tim what his backup plan would be if Solohntr wasn't as successful as it is. 
  • Tim talks about his branding history, and how his branding has changed. 

In the second half hour: 

  • Hillary shares how she sees the nutrition population and hunting population combining to share the knowledge of both. 
  • Tim talks about why the mainstream is coming to the hunting world, especially if hunting is represented in a good light. 
  • Ryan shares that it's all about how hunter's talk to those who don't so they don't come away offended.  He understands avoiding the hunting conversation with non-hunters due to judgement, 
  • Hillary talks about how she had worries about judgements from others, but found that most non hunters are intrigued when getting to meet a hunter and eat the meat. 
  • Tim shares where he comes from and his family history with hunting.  
  • How the early years of poverty as a child taught him about the cycle of life, and the happiness of the simple life. 
  • Tim remembers his first deer hunt at the age of 12 and being introduced to archery at age 13. 
  • How hunting between college and Solohntr was scarce due to time and resources. 
  • Tim gets Ryan to share what his current career in the fishing industry is, and Ryan shares his early passion for fishing, and then his growth into big game hunting, and why he gets as much time as he does for his success. 
  • Hillary and Tim talk about the relationship challenges with hunting.  
  • How having the right kind of alone is healthy.

The last 30 minutes:

  • How it's so easy to think others have a better life than you.  
  • Tim and Hillary josh on the realities of  instafamous.  
  • Why we let people see what we want them to, but the realities are things aren't always this interesting. 
  • Hillary shares why it's a transition to be sharing everything with people via social media and Hunt Harvest Health. 
  • Tim shares why Hunt Harvest Health is inspiring him because he wants to live in the country and grow a garden. 
  • Hillary states how blessed she feels to have the life she does. 
  • Why living your life, doing what you love, and with the right people can make you happy. 
  • If hunting was gone, Tim talks about being a fisherman. 
  • Ryan shares his love for high lake trout fishing, and Tim shares a story about seeing a wolverine in the backcountry. 
  • The guys share how being in the backcountry brings clarity, and Hillary shares her camping story. 
  • Hillary shares where resentment can creep in for the hunter's spouse, and the jealousy of their husband's clarity. 
  • Tim talks about the upcoming women's solo hunters and why he likes their SM posts better. 
At a key point in time when life wasn’t supposed to be happy, me and my brothers were the happiest little farts you could imagine. I’m so grateful for the those hardships and opportunities for making me who I am.
— Tim Burnett