HHH Episode #23: The Other Ryan You've Never Heard Of, But Need To. Introduction to Ryan Alltus, Western Elk Bowhunter

Ryan Alltus

Ryan Alltus

This episode is dedicated to Jeff Alltus and Dallas Blood, two great Idaho bowhunters who lost their struggle with cancer this last year.  

It's rare these days to find someone who has lived the true life of the Western Elk hunter like our friend Ryan Alltus.  Raised in the woods of Idaho, Ryan discovered a love for elk hunting at the age of 8 when he accompanied his Dad on an archery hunt.  Since then, he has achieved great success in harvesting large, mature bulls, each and every year.  His stories of solo hunting elk in Idaho, New Mexico, and Arizona in the 2016 season are epic, and even more epic is the love and respect he gained for these animals from his father, who passed away from cancer in June of 2016.  This is a great conversation with a humble, knowledgeable, and successful bowhunter.  

In the first 45 minutes Ryan and Ryan discuss: 

  • How they met in the backcountry of Idaho. 
  • What their father's have in common.  
  • Ryan A's 1044 Inch total success for 2106 all with archery.
  • Navigating and reading map's and why it's so important for Ryan A's success. 
  • His New Mexico 2016 bull.
  • His Idaho 2016 bull. 
  • His Arizona 2016 bull and why it was the hardest hunt he has ever done to date. 

In the last 45 minutes Ryan and Ryan share:

  • The story of Ryan A's Dad's colon cancer, his passing, and how he helped Ryan get through this year. 
  • The toughness of the Idaho elk hunter. 
  • What is the secret to being successful during the season?
  • Ryan's story of the Montana elk he took, but didn't kill.  This is an amazing story! 
  • Sthealthy shares the story of Idaho hunter, Dallas Blood, who taught him Idaho elk hunting.  
  • The wisdom of learning what does, and doesn't work, for elk hunting. Be patient with bugling! 
  • Respect for others and public land, and finding your own spots.  


I was very blessed to have the Dad who showed me the things he did, and to raise me to the place I’m at
— Ryan Altus