HHH Episode #59: This Big Trip Called Life with Josh Nordwick of the Reality Tunnels Podcast

Hello all! Ryan and I are very excited for you to join us for this episode. A while back Ryan and I were asked by Josh Nordwick of the “Reality Tunnel Podcast” to be guests on his show. We got a lot of great feedback from his followers, so we thought we would share it too. Josh is currently traveling around the states in a sprinter van, staying in a place for a few weeks at a time. The point of his podcast is to try to hear from all sorts of people with different views, and dig into their life experiences and hear about their perspective and realities. Josh is extremely open minded, and is not necessarily running a hunting podcast, so Ryan and I were more than happy to be asked to be on his show and share our perspective on hunting and the outdoors with a group of listeners who may not understand it as we do.

In this episode Josh really wanted talk to Ryan and I about the emotional experiences and the mental  benefits of hunting and gathering for your own food. Ryan and I did our best to showcase that hunters as a whole are generally not that mountain folk who hunt from the truck and shoot critters to just watch them die. We wanted to display the reality that the hunting community is made of people who want to be healthy, and have immense respect for the animals that they chase. I shared more about myself than I ever have on a podcast, including how our marriage has shaped over the years due to my life experiences, and how I have not always been as supportive of Ryan as I am now. I hope that you all enjoy this episode, it may be nice to hear us answering questions for a change! You can find this episode also on “The Reality Tunnel Podcast.” Thank you all for listening! 

Show Notes:
* Who is Josh (30:00)
* Understanding perspectives (9:00)
* Being supportive of hunters being gone (19:00)
* The desire to experience hunting (23:00)
* Feeding your soul (26:00)
* When Ryan became a hunter (27:30)
* Biggest lessons from hunting (30:00)
* Having a calling for nature (34:45)
* Hillary"s childhood (38:00)
* Sun dances and their importance (51:30)
* Spiritual boundaries in ceremonies (58:00)
* Fasting and its affect on your mind (1:02:30) 
* Finding balance between work and experiences (1:10:00)
* Experiences that translate to life skills (1:18:15)
* The trip across the country (1:21:15)
*  The mission of Hunt Harvest Health (1:33:00)
* Connecting our experiences and being a bridge (1:44:00)
* Going back to the basics (1:51:00)

Where to find Josh: