HHH Episode #62: Random Musings of a Child Gardener, Raised beds and Your Inner HOmesteader

Hey everyone, welcome to the show! Today’s episode is part three in our Gardening 101 series. Ryan, of course, is bear hunting which means I was once again left with the choice of recording another episode on my own, or, to invite my lovely daughter Pailey Belle to join me on today’s show. She is quite the gardener herself, is always out helping Ryan and I, and has really learned a lot just by watching and asking us questions.

Her and I talk a bit about why its important for kids to have their own gardens, and I must admit I was a proud mama when I heard some of the things she brought up! Though there isn’t a whole lot to talk about, raised beds are often one of things that get overlooked, and something that I am consistently asked about. We talk about the pros and cons of using raised beds, materials we use for making raised beds, and even how to make used beds out of materials most people wouldn’t consider. I hope that you are all enjoying these gardening episodes, and that it is at least helping a few of the listeners out along the way! Thank you all for tuning in!

Show Notes:

  • The Modern Homesteading Summit (2:00)

  • Talking raised beds (6:45)

  • Why kids should garden (8:30)

  • Advantages of growing your own food instead of store bought (10:00)

  • The importance of raised beds (26:45)

  • Building raised beds (34:00)