HHH Episode #15: Listener Q & A

Episode #15Listener Q & A.png

Hunting Spots, Encountering Predators, Supplements and Diet, Getting Your Wife to Agree to Your Solo Hunting, Reading Wind in Western Hunts, Time Management with Family, Work, Recreation, and Relationships. 

It's time to answer some of your questions!  We appreciate the many questions about a multitude topics we get each week, so in this podcast we're going to have some fun answering listener questions.  Pay attention, you may get a shout out:)

In this episode: 

  • Question #1: Ryan's most asked question on Instagram, and the reason he will NEVER give you a true answer, and how to ask the question without getting the shaft. (you probably can guess this one.)


  • Question #2 from Scott in California:  "Have you ever been confronted with a predator at night hunting or hiking?"  Ryan and Hillary share their hiking in the dark and encountering a cougar story.  Can you tell who the hunter is in this story?


  • Question #3 from Joseph:  "What quality of vitamins and a good daily regimine do you recommend?" Hillary talks the supplement industry, her background in supplement sales, the quality of supplements, a basic healthy regimine, why diet is key, and how to use diet and supplements for gains, recovery, and taking a break. 


  • Question #4 from Michael in Minnesota:  "How in the heck do you read the wind when trying to get in on animals (in Western states) in drainages?" Ryan discusses thermals  and how they change through the day, and the best times to be successful. 


  • Question #5 from Arnold "Old Bear":  "How do you (Ryan) convince your wife to let you go on solo hunts and how can I put my wife's mind at ease?"  Ryan gives some good tips to help with safety, health, and getting a hunting partner and Hillary shares the struggle that she has faced with Ryan's hunting and how she came to find peace with it. This answer gets a little deep. 


  • Question #6 from Chad: "I’d love to hear from folks like you, who seem to have a lot going on with work, kids, outdoor recreation and a relationship to maintain is a topic on time management. I’m often overwhelmed with stuff juggling everything around, and we don’t even have kids yet!"  This is a complicated question, that Ryan and Hillary both answer- and they get even deeper. Getting present, looking forward, and how Train to Hunt changed Hillary's perspective. 


  • We will be at Western Hunting Expo in Salt Lake City, February 16-19th!  Make sure to say HI if you see us!
  • Ryan will be doing a Hunting Seminar- Sponsored by ESPN 710 Outdoor Line and Sportco. Fife, WA, April 1st, from 10 am-3 pm.  He will be talking Deer and Elk Backcountry Hunting in Washington.  Gear Giveaways, Gear Discounts, and other great speakers! 


We always encourage your questions via email lampers@sthealthyhunter.com, Facebook, or Instagram.