HHH Episode #41: Pailey's 1st Hunt with Daddy

Ryan spent most of his young life in nature hiking, scouting, and hunting.  Skills learned from his father shaped his love for the outdoors and the a healthy respect for the balance of life.  In today's podcast, Ryan takes his oldest daughter Pailey Belle hiking and possibly bear hunting for the 1st time.  Even though she is only 8, not old enough to hunt by herself, she is very excited to be on the hunt with her Dad.  

Follow Ryan and Pailey as they share the story and watch the video above to see it in real time.  

There are a lot of parents today,
who shelter their children from anything
that could be perceived as dirty, harmful, or scary.
Perhaps we should ask out children -
”Do you love the earth?”
”Do you like nature?”
”Do you want to be a part of it?
Let the children decide what they are
drawn to in their hearts, but remember that
we are their mentors,
we are the ones who are supposed
to give them all the tools they need to make it,
and have health and happiness in the
next generation.
— Jon Young- on teaching children the skill of hunting