HHH Episode #39: Navigating Lyme Disease Part 2- Treatment Options with Dr. Darin Ingels

To get a very thorough overview of this podcast, as well as the in depth treatment options, download a copy of the powerpoint Dr. Ingals presented at the 2017 American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Conference.  

Dr. Hillary and Dr. Darin Ingels

Dr. Hillary and Dr. Darin Ingels

In the first part of Navigating Lyme Disease, Dr. Darin Ingels shared the history, prevelance, signs and symptoms, and diagnosis of Lyme Disease.  If you haven't listened to this yet, please do, it will make it easier to follow Part 2. 

In this second part,  Dr. Hillary and Dr. Ingels talk treatments of Lyme Disease, co-infections, and the modalities that have clinically helped the many patients he has treated. 

  • Diet, alkaline diets,  and how important it is in treatment of chronic Lyme Disease. 
  • Gut health and it's foundational piece in Lyme Disease treatment. 
  • Dr. Ingals talks about the 2 herbal protocols he uses that have the most success.
  • What the ripples of Lyme Disease do to the body and why herbal protocols address everything and not just killing the Lyme bacteria.  
  •  Herxheimer Reactions and how herbs can be less traumatic to the body. 
  • Dr. Ingals explains why herbs are so powerful and we shouldn't be poo pooing them, especially when cultures have been using them for millenia. 
  • Why he uses herbs for both acute and chronic Lyme. 
  • They talk about average length of treatment with acute and chronic Lyme and how options are important. 
  • Why the expense of treatment is so high conventionally, and how herbs can be less expensive. 
  • He talks many of the other lifestyle factors that are paramount:  sleep quality, exercise, low dose immunotherapy, PEMFT.  
  • The differentiation between blood ph and tissue ph and the acid production from processed foods. 
  • The goal of promoting better awareness in the medical diagnosis and that a negative test does not rule out Lyme Disease. 
  • Why being proactive as a patient can better help identify the problem. 
  • How different countries have different medical ideas about Lyme Disease.  
  • He shares about his book coming out next spring 2018- The Lyme Solution
  • Why being the squeaky wheel is so important to getting help. 
  • Why protection and prevention is the MOST important aspect. 

How to connect with Dr. Ingels:

Dr. Ingals is available in both Conneticut and Orange County, CA, and is available virtually.   His information can be found on his website below: 


IG @dariningels

Associations for Lyme Disease Professionals and Treatments:

ILLADS- International Lyme Disease Association

AANP- American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

AAEM- American Association of Environmental Medicine