Lathrop and Sons - Creating the Best Outdoor Boot with A Focus on Customer Service

Sit down take a load off, as owners Stephen and James Lathrop explain why they developed their Mountain Hunter boot line. You'll be educated, as they dive into key features that makes Lathrop and Sons industry trend setters.

In this episode, Ryan and Hillary talk with Stephen and James Lathrop of Lathrop and Sons, the industry premiere custom boot fitters - and now boot makers!  The current launch of their Mountain Hunting Elite and Mountain Hunter boots is a dream 15 years in the making.   

 Ryan believes that the most important piece of gear when hitting the mountains is boots, and once he talked with Stephen and James, he couldn't wait to get them on the podcast.  Hard working sons of a podiatrist, they've built their career on making your feet their priority.  

In the first 30 minutes:

  • Stephen and James share their:
  • Passion for whitetail hunting in their home state of Illinois. 
  • Love for elk hunting in Colorado.
  • Leaving your comfort zone when heading to the West to hunt. 
  • Elevation sickness.
  • Ryan explains why he doesn't skimp on boots. 
  • They share the history of Lathrop and Sons- and their reputation for putting the customer first. 

In the second half you'll hear:

  • Hillary's personal foot history and her struggle with pain, activity, and correctly fitting shoes.
  • Foot mapping and custom foot beds.
  • Stiff boots vs. everything else
  • The difference of foot types and why Lathrop and Sons are experts. 
  • What happens to feet and shoes under heavy loads and why trekking poles help.
  • How your feet affect other body parts.
  • The new Mountain Hunter Elite and Mountain Hunter boots. 
  • Why this dream has been 15 years in the making and how it has changed their lives. 
  • They share James 174 5/8 Illinois whitetail hunt and the lucky hat:)
If you get into a shoe that doesn’t have enough stability, and you add a heavy load, the shoe collapses under load, and that is asking for blisters.
— Stephen Lathrop

You can find Stephen and James  at:

Lathrop and Sons

1106 North Allen St.

Robinson, IL 62454


Facebook:  Lathrop and Sons