HHH Episode #56: Being Your Own Doctor, Healing Celiac Disease, The 40% rule of Mental Toughness, and Backcountry Elk Hunting with Jordan Reasoner

Hunting is actually this thing I do when I’m not working...it’s my passion.
— Jordan Reasoner
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Alright everyone, I’m very excited to share this episode with you all. On today’s show, Ryan and I are joined by Jordan Reasoner, the brains behind the backcountry food company you may have heard of called Humble Foods. In this episode, Jordan explains a lot of his background, and how it lead to humble foods becoming a company. Jordan was always sick as a child, and continued to get worse as he grew into adulthood. After many doctors visits over many of years, he finally discovered that he had celiac disease. This diagnoses is what sparked Jordan to go on this search for health and well being in the form of changing his diet. We talk a lot about different diets and how to pick the right one for you, as well as the overall importance of changing your diet and how it is often overlooked. Jordan also goes into his experiences of hunting and how it related to his desire to start Humble foods. We spend most of the end talking about mental toughness, and challenging yourself, and what it can do for your life and wellbeing. We hope that you all enjoy this episode, and can take something away from it. Thank you for tuning in!

Show Notes:

  • Interview starts (5:45)

  • The story of a first bull elk (15:00)

  • How your health can affect your backcountry hunting experience (17:45)

  • The problem with modern health care (23:00)

  • Digestive health and its importance (31:15)

  • Paying attention to your body (41:00)

  • Balancing your specific diet with backcountry hunting (44:00)

  • Mental toughness (46:15)

  • High altitude oxygen simulation (48:30)

  • Spartan races and their mental benefits (52:00)

  • Tricking your mind (58:00)

  • Challenging yourself (1:12:00)

  • Pushing past that 40% (1:15:45)

  • Feelings the backcountry gives you (1:20:00)

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