HHH Episode #13: Introduction to Joey Pyburn, Ryan's lifelong hunting partner.

Joey's successful WA 2016 Elk Hunt

Joey's successful WA 2016 Elk Hunt

Spartan Racing 2014

Spartan Racing 2014

How to connect with Joey:

Honorable mentions: 

Get a guy who can hang, and you can really get some stuff done {in the backcountry}.
— Joey Pyburn

It's important in life to have a best friend, and if that best friend is your cousin, it's even better. Ryan talks today with his cousin/hunting partner Joey Pyburn.   Joey is Ryan's exact opposite, loquacious and social, but together they make a hard working pair of backcountry partners. Look for Joey to be a regular part of our podcast! 

In the first 30 minutes:

  • They look back on their childhood and why they love hunting so much.
  • The years they spent fly fishing Montana, steelhead fishing in WA, and working in Alaskan fishing lodges.

The last 30 minutes:

  • Why Ryan loves solo hunting, and Joey doesn't, and why a good hunting partner is vital to success. 
  • Washington weather and how storms can affect the hunt and your mental toughness. 
  • Why Joey will bring a tarp on WA  hunts and what he considers worse than rain. 
  • Their 2016 WA mule deer hunt and Crabby the deer. 
  • Ryan getting "scoped". 
  • Sitting in a tent under snow for a full 24 hours. 
  • Why they are food snobs in their older age.
  • Heart, tongue, and nuts- why taking everything is important. 
  • Cauliflower crust.
I like getting back to camp and going through the days events, and brainstorm what we need to do the next day. I like that interaction. When you are totally focused, and have someone else who is totally focused, it helps me make good decisions.
— Joey Pyburn

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