HHH Episode #36: Winning in the Bottom of the 9th: Hunting Mule Deer in Nevada with the guys of Hunt Wild

It wasn’t a trophy deer, but it was a trophy moment.
— Paul Hallerr
Paul Hallerr and his 2017 Nevada Mule Deer 

Paul Hallerr and his 2017 Nevada Mule Deer 

Ryan meets up with the Hunt Wild film boys, Jeff Lusk, Paul Hallerr, and Eric Forslin.    He interviews them about Paul's  2017 Nevada Mule Deer Hunt, where he drew the same unit that Ryan did.  This is a fun conversation that travels through the high country of Nevada and Paul Haller's mule deer hunt. 

This hunt was dedicated to Paul's father who died only 7 months ago.  In his own words from a recent IG @p_hallerr post:

He taught me everything I know about the outdoors. He taught me how to shoot a bow, a rifle, how to call elk, how to love the outdoors, respect the outdoors, the animals, and how to have patience while hunting. The 26 years that I got to spend by my fathers side was something I will cherish forever. Being by his side in the woods watching him hunt as a youngster are some of my favorite memories with him.
— Paul Hallerr
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In this podcast:

• Jeff, Paul, and Eric all  share their hunting background and their Washington roots. 

• They share what the brand Hunt Wild is and why it's important to them.  

• Jeff has a background in film, and shares that Hunt Wild is planning to do 2-3 films a year.

• Paul shares when he found out that he drew his Nevada tag. 

• Mapping, and finding a strategy in the vast terrain of Nevada, and how it's amazing for mule deer hunting. 

• They discuss their first day and then how the second and third days brought them to finding their spot. 

• Why water is so vital, and how there wasn't any on the mountain the first day. 

• The story of  the first stalk of the week.

• How Paul and Jeff worked through boulder fields, sage, and noisy country stalking the buck that Paul had his eye on for days. 

• Jeff and Paul share their rock throwing story, and how the wind changed his luck on day 7 (not for the best). 

• They share the lesson that even at the last minute all things can change, and how his appreciation for a forked horns has changed his mind about his father's hunting history. 

• How Ryan's words of winning in the bottom of the 9th defined this hunt for Hunt Wild. 

• They share the importance of their friendships and how hard this hunt was.  

• Eric's sleep talking story and the bee fiasco.  

• How the mountain will humble you quickly.  

Look for a film to be coming out on this hunt.  Great job Paul and here's to your father, and the friendship and teamwork that you guys exhibit! 

Find Hunt Wild and the guys, and see more images of the hunt on: 


What we went through together you can’t put a price tag on it.
— Paul Hallerr