HHH Episode #55: Nutrition for the Backcountry Athlete with Jordan Reasoner. An Introduction to Humble Foods

Backcountry hunters are endurance athletes.
— Jordan Reasoner

So many hunters, like Ryan, are obsessed with eating healthy clean food to fuel their passion.  In this podcast we sit down with Jordan Reasoner of Humble Foods, a new freeze dried backcountry food company out of Bozeman, MT.  Jordan has his own healing story, and it's where the idea for Humble Foods came from- the necessity to have a completely gluten free healthy option.  

Humble Foods has an expected launch date of Fall 2018, so make sure to go get on the list to get your Humble Foods for hunting season. 

To find Jordan and Humble Foods:

Instagram:  @jordanreason @eathumble

Website: Humble Foods

Delicious organic grass fed beef!!! 

Delicious organic grass fed beef!!!