HHH Episode #69: Healing PTSD in the Montana Backcountry with Heroes and Horses COO Rick Franco

We are not defined by our many scars, but what we do after the wounds close.
— Micah Fink, Founder Heros and Horses
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Hey folks, welcome to the show. Today’s episode is perhaps my favorite yet, with a very special group called Heroes and Horses. Rick Franco ivited me as a welcoming gesture for moving to Montana, and I happened to have heard a bit about this program prior to him reaching out to me. For those of you who have not seen the “500 Miles” film or “180 out” we have it linked below. Rick discusses the forty day program for veterans with PTSD and wild horses from Oregon. I hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed talking to Rick about this awesome program. To help donate, you can go too HeroesandHorses.org

Show notes:

  • Project Waypoint (2:00)

  • The Heroes and Horses program (3:30) 

  • Interview starts (9:00)

  • Introductions (16:00)

  • Rick’s background (21:00)

  • The drive to join the military (31:00)

  • Young men in the military (43:00)

  • The value in suffering (48:00)

  • The story behind Heroes and Horses (53:00)

  • The Forty Days (55:40)

  • The many benefits of the program (1:08:00)

  • How our body reacts to trauma (1:17:00)

  • The Gala on Sep. 29 (1:25:00)

  • The connection we have with horses (1:30:00)

To learn more, donate, and connect with Micah or Rick and Heroes with Horses visit herosandhorses.org