HHH Episode #30: Health Q & A with Dr. Hill and Dr. Jill

Dr. Hillary travels to Arizona to learn and hang out with Naturopathic physicians from all around the world.  With the long list of health questions Hunt Harvest Health listeners send in, what better time to answer them than with experts like Dr. Jillian Teta- the author of Natural Solutions for Digestive Health and creator of our Gut Restoration Program.  If you haven't met her yet, tune in to HHH Episode #4 where she talks about everything gut related.

Disclaimer:  Of course you know these are only recommendations, and any recommendation that is considered may need the assistance of your doctor  Dr. Hillary and Dr. Jillian are not diagnosing or treating your specific health conditions in this podcast, and any of these questions can have a multitude of answers that were not mentioned here.  Always do your own research and take into consideration your own unique conditions and what can help you.  Never stop a medication or device without the assistance of your physician.  

Here is the list of questions that Dr. Hill and Dr. Jill discuss:  

  1. Opioid use for pain and how to decrease the very common side effect of constipation.
    1. Miralax
    2. Magnesium 
  2. Lyme Disease and the gut (we don't cover this much- stayed tuned- we have an upcoming podcast with Dr. Darin Ingals on Lyme.) 
  3. Heart Disease and blood clotting- what are foods that can help thin blood.  
  4. How to find a medically trained naturopathic doctor in your area:  Naturopathic.org
  5. Foods and strategies that reduce fatigue and muscle soreness.
  6. Difference between Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. 
  7. Supplements for OA and muscle soreness, and how archery helped Hillary's shoulder pain. 
  8. Mitochondria and why they are so important for energy production. 
  9. Sleep apnea and natural strategies for helping it, as well as the dangers of not treating it. 
  10. Leaky gut and the many aspects of helping to treat it. 
  11. Back to basics...again, and again, and again. Consistency, consistency, consistency....
  12. Aging well and the wisdom of our elders. Acceptance is not aquiessence,
  13. The supplement question.....Dr. Jill shares why she likes supplements, the best type of whey protein, sweeteners, gelatin

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