HHH Episode #32: Hard Working Hunter Zach Kenner and His Hunting Obsession

Don’t compare yourself to me. I’m obsessed.
— Zach Kenner
Zach shooting at the NW Mountain Challenge

Zach shooting at the NW Mountain Challenge

We've known Zach Kenner for the last year from his Youtube channel- Hard Working Hunter, but a few weeks ago, Ryan got the pleasure of shooting with Zach at the NW Mountain Challenge at Stevens Pass Washington.  Ryan then ventured over to Zach's Eastern Washington home and sat down for a great conversation about his lifelong love and exposure to hunting.  

Zach has an entry in the Full Draw Film Tour this year that featured at the NW Mountain Challenge.  Making films is one of his passions and this year's entry is sure to be a different.

In this podcast: 

  • Zach and Ryan share their experience at the NW Mountain Challenge. 
  • Zach shares where his love for hunting came from at a very young age. 
  • Duck hunting and spot and stalk hunting and why they are Zach and Ryan's favorite hunting. 
  • When Zach had the first opportunities to hunt big game. 
  • Why Ryan and Zach both agree that Eastern Montana is a special place.
  • Zach's ideal state for hunting and why it's hard for him to make that decision.
  • Ryan shares why he loves Washington mule deer over anywhere else. 
  • Coues deer in Arizona and the perfect spot and stalk challenge.  
  • Zach talks growing up in in taxidermy.
  • Training for the season and what Zach finds time for.  
  • Why mental fortitude is one of Zach's strengths.
  • Why candy helps Zach keep his mind right in the backcountry. 
  • Dehydrated backcountry foods and how to cook your meat for dehydration. 
  • How Zach only lost 7 pounds after weeks of hard hunting because of healthier food choices. 
  • The importance of adding fats for backcountry stamina, and choosing good spices for recipes.
  • Ryan's shares his yearly food tradition that isn't so healthy,
  • Zach's favorite animal to hunt. 
  • Zach shares his strengths, weaknesses, and what he's most grateful for.  
  • Ryan asks Zach to share any advice he has for younger hunters getting started. 
  • Why Ryan hates the elitism of different forms of hunting and fishing. 
  • Zach and Ryan share why photos are so important.