HHH Episode #7: Don't Just Detox, Get Your Gut Right for the New Year.

Natural Solutions for Digestive Health
By Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta, Jeannette L. Bessinger BCHHC

It's January and it's that time of year when everyone is setting their resolutions, joining the gym, trying to lose weight,  detoxing, and changing poor lifestyle habits. 

Instead of detoxing Ryan and Hillary decided to do the Gut Restoration Program developed by Dr. Jillian Teta from her book Natural Solutions for Digestive Health.   

It's a podcast about listening to your body, about getting information, and then using that information to improve your quality of life! 

The first half of this episode includes: 

  • The Gut Restoration Program and why they are doing it for the New Year. 
  • Hillary shares her personal struggle with health from a young age and why nutrition was essential for her. 
  • Ryan shares how he was fairly healthy, until after years of overusing his body, he started having nutritional issues and illness. 
  • The rigors of backcountry hunting and how it wore Ryan down. 
  • They discuss a few of the tests Ryan took to determine some of his gut problems.
  • Why gardening is important to their nutritional lifestyle and the importance of organic. 
  • How having children also motivated them to create healthy nutrition. 

The second half includes: 

  • Reasons you could benefit from this program.
  • An overview of the 5 step program over 28 days. (All of these are explained in this guide we have created- and in Dr. Jillian’s book, Natural Solutions for Digestive Health) 
  • The whole Leaky Gut question. 
  • Probiotics and why you need more than acidophilus. 
  • Why your gut needs glutamine to repair. 
  • Avoiding toxins and minimizing exposures at work, at home, on the road, and in your food.  
  • Why gals need to be cautious of all the “beauty” products they use. 
  • Why you need to know what the dirty dozen are. 
  • Finding balance with exercise and recovery. 
  • How hormones are gonna affect this program- for men and women. 
  • What will happen at the end of the program. 

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