HHH Episode #25: Food Friday: It's not just for Hippies....Get Sprouting!


In this podcast, Dr. Hillary shares her story about how she came to love sprouting as a way to improve nutrition!  Sprouting isn't just for hippies, it can be for everyone, as long as you have the basic elements of growing food- seeds, water, sun, soil, and air. (and of course attention!) Even it you don't have sun all year round like in the Pacific Northwest, you can get a heating pad and grow light, and still have fresh greens year round!  Sprouting can fun for the whole family! 

On our healing foods page we have the what where and why's of sprouting!  Use this to start your first batch and reap the benefits of a healthy harvest!    Here you will be able to see the nutritional benefits as well as how to get started today growing your own sprouts! Dr.  Hillary will walk you through this process in the podcast and in this manual.  Make sure to get the sprouting chart by clicking button below, and use it to decide where to start.  In our household we love alfalfa, clover, sunflower, and pea sprouts!! 

Also, support this podcast by buying any of the equipment you need for sprouting through our Amazon links!  Under our products page, we have put every single thing you will need to sprout- from the Sthealthy way to getting a starter kit and trying it out.  Grow lights, heating pads, food dehydrators- they are all there for you to order today!  As always we thank you for your support- it allows us keep providing great content!  


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Dr. Hillary's Sprouting Guide