HHH Episode #58: Gardening 101 - Part 1: The Basics of Starting a Garden

Hey everyone, welcome to the show! Today we are super excited to start a new mini series. To correspond with the time of year, Ryan and I are going to be doing a weekly gardening episode, to help those of you who are planting this year, and want to learn new things and find new tricks!

We started of pretty general in this episode, but will be going into more detail on things in the next weeks. We are also super excited to announce that we have our new Sthealthy Gardening and Hotbox Kits available for preorder, and I explain a bit about what they are in the intro of this episode. I think that many of you will be able to benefit from them, and really step up your gardening this year with the help of these products.

In this episode, Ryan and I start from the basics. Where do you even start when it comes to making your first garden? What zone am I in? How much space do I have? Really basic things that we believe often get overlooked, even by people who may have been gardening for a few years now. We hope that this episode offers a good base to build off of for future episodes, and we are super excited to hear from all of you about how your planting season is going! Thank you all for listening, and we hope you enjoy this episode!

Show Notes

  • The new Sthealthy Garden Kit and Hotbox Kit (2:00)
  • Where to start when it comes to gardening (7:00)
  • The benefits of growing your own garden (12:00)
  • Zones and their importance (13:30)
  • Finding your space (19:00)
  • Planting over a drain fill (22:30)
  • Planting on a slope (25:45) 
  • Think about water (28:00)
  • Drainage (31:00)
  • Natural predators (33:00)
  • Living in high end property communities (40:00)
Pre-order available NOW through June 1st, 2018

Pre-order available NOW through June 1st, 2018