HHH Episode #42: Food Friday- The StHealthy Dehydration and Canning Guide. Getting Ready for Winter, Writing, and Why Food is such a big deal.

Today's podcast is all about our busiest time of the year: Harvest season.  Whether it's food from the garden, forest, or an animal that Ryan takes, preserving and getting these foods ready for the winter is a lot of work.  

Ryan and Hillary share their stories about harvest season, some of their recommendations on dehydration and canning, and they share a few stories from years gone by.  

Ryan and Hillary have written their first ebook called The StHealthy Dehydration and Canning Guide.  With over 100 pages it includes: 

* Over 100 pages with twenty years of experience between Ryan and Dr. Hillary in creating the StHealthy Lifestyle. 

* The StHealthy Garden Healing Foods Library-  30 foods used in these recipes and their medicinal qualities. 

* The How To steps of dehydration and canning, not to mention stories of many years of trial and error. 

* The essentials and equipment needed for being successful. 

Over 25 dehydration and canning recipes made in 2017, from single ingredients snacks, spices, powders, to complete meals. 

Beautiful pictures of the garden, foods, animals, how to's, and cute kiddos.