HHH Episode #68: Fall Prep with the Homesteading Queen: Melissa K. Norris

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When we think of those we want to hang out with and talk gardening, food prep, and self sufficiency, the top person on our list is good friend Melissa K. Norris from the Pioneering Today podcast. Right before we moved Melissa came over and even though Ryan is absent again, I got to cover a few topics about the fall season! She also asked us to be on her podcast talking about what we look for in a homestead, which you can find here.

If you didn’t already sign up to get the Modern Homesteading Summit you can do that here, it’s like having 27 homesteaders right in your living room teaching you the best information!

Make sure to follow Melissa on SM and listen to her podcast to get the best information about self sufficiency and homesteading topics!

Here’s what we talk about:

  • Eggs, storing them and do they need to go in the fridge.

  • Duck eggs

  • Melissa talks about her Modern Homesteading Summit, and the pros and cons of doing such a huge project.

  • Gardening and the transition to a new a new climate.

  • The time factor of gardening.

  • Canning and fermenting.

  • Seed saving.

  • Choosing foods to grow for your family and starting slow.

  • Dig and no dig gardening. Charles Dowding

  • Just start…learn as you go.