HHH Episode #4: Acid Reflux, Protein, and the Brain in Your Gut with Dr. Jillian Teta

Digestion isn’t glamorous- We aren’t going to be talking about poops at a cocktail party, but there is literally no cell in our body that is not affected by our digestive system.
— Dr. Jillian Teta
Natural Solutions for Digestive Health
By Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta, Jeannette L. Bessinger BCHHC

Ryan's in the backcountry on his late season mule deer hunt so Dr. Hillary made a chance to talk with one of her best friends and colleagues,   Dr. Jillian Teta.  She is the author of Natural Solutions for Digestive Health, creator of fixyourdigestion.com, and an online Gut Restoration program. She is a wealth of knowledge on all things digestion. She’s also a foodie, gardener, and urban homesteader, and makes the best gluten free goodies!  

This is a beneficial topic for everyone! 

Today we talk about...

Natural Solutions for Digestive Health Book by Dr. Jillian Teta.

Natural Solutions for Digestive Health Book by Dr. Jillian Teta.

  • Her background and how she ended up specializing in digestive disorders. 
  • Why pooping better is a goal that she sets for all her patients. 
  • Why good digestion is a foundational piece of good health. 
  • Acid blockers and how they are destroying Digestive Fire and affecting protein breakdown, immune system function, and eventual brain health. 
  • The lie of heartburn and the serious side effects of acid blockers. 
  • What is the second brain and how it's connected to our true brain. 
  • The importance of seratonin and how most of it is made in the gut. 
  • Why a well rounded diet helps gut flora. 
  • Symptoms of amino acid deficiency, nutrients that can be depleted with low stomach acid and why it's so hard to get off acid blockers.  
  • How a Gut Restorative process- addressing 4 Key area's to address food sensitivity and improving digestion function. 
  • Why she doesn't really order food allergy panels.
  • The prevalence of low thyroid,  the gut connection,  gluten and autoimmunity. 
  • How poor food increases a vast array of symptoms and how eating well affects your brain. 
  • How eating healthy doesn't mean your gut is able to utilize it. 
  • Foods she loves for digestion.
  • The importance of salt.
  • How constant stress is destroying our guts, and then ripple out into ALL systems. 
  • The importance of nature for healing your state of mind and brings us back to ourselves. 
  • She then answers the 3 big questions we ask...you will need to listen now:)

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