Listener Q and A: HHH One year strong, kitchen favorites, sugar, alcohol, fat, backcountry mental games and water filtration, livers, microbiomes, and lessons learned.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our StHealthy Family- Ryan, Hilary, Pailey Belle, and Tanna. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our StHealthy Family- Ryan, Hilary, Pailey Belle, and Tanna. 

*It's been 1 year since we started the Hunt Harvest Health podcast, and what a year it's been!  Thank you to everyone who has supported us, listens, and shares our content!  We are here because of you! * 

Below are listener questions with Ryan and Dr. Hillary doing their best to answer!  

What food prep kitchen items do we recommend? (many of you want to know)

  1. Excalibur Dehydrator- We prefer the model with the timer and temp control. 

  2. Meat/Produce slicer- Best for making food prep quick and clean.  Perfect for grinding all your harvested meat. 
  3. All American Canner-  A commercial grade canner that we couldn't do without! 
  4. Nutribullet- Fast and easy cleanup and great for making powders and buttered coffee! 
  5. Meat Grinder- This is one piece we could not live without. Essential for self sufficiency! 
  6. Instapot-  Another must! Make meals fast, nutritious, and delicious! 
  7. Food processor - Must have for baking and mixing. 
  8. Vacuum packer -  Food prep requires a vacuum packer
  9. Mason jars - The StHealthy Kitchen staple. 
  10. Vitamix - our favorite smoothie maker. 

Bow hunting early or late season in WA? 

 Ryan from Columbia River, WA. 

  1. Washington state gets very limited seasons in archery and they change it depending on year. 
  2. If you are doing archery, Ryan suggests September season for better success before main rut. 

What about energy drinks?

Todd from CA

  1.   Always watch for and avoid sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and excessive stimulants. 
  2.   Look for electrolyte drinks that may be for energy, focus, and hydration. 

Is the ketogenic diet safe? 

Todd from CA

  1. Ketogenic Diet:  The ketogenic diet is the standard of care for drug-resistant and refractory seizures resulting from a variety of etiologies. Evidence suggests that therapeutic ketosis confers protection against seizures, hypoglycemia and neurodegenerative disorders by numerous mechanisms, including supporting brain energy metabolism. - Dom D'Agostino
  2. Keto adaptation - using fat (ketone bodies) as the main form of energy. 
  3. Not good for Type 1 Diabetics unless well controlled.
  4. Can have some side effects, but is excellent for  cognition, weight loss, and decreasing inflammation. 
  5. Dr. Hillary's IG post on her macros she references. 
  6. Best Ketone Testing Monitor- you can get your here. 
  7. The End of Alzheimers- a must read for reversing cognitive decline and using the keto diet. 

How does Ryan handle the mental part of long solo hunts and leaving everyday life behind in order to focus on the hunt?  

  1. This takes time and experience to get used to. 
  2. Ryan's advice: find a partner who can handle themselves and don't need to talk to you all the time- in both work and personal life. 
  3. The big problems can be thinking and worrying about home.  Your mind needs to be at ease here.  Make sure to get your work done before you leave. 
  4. Ryan also tends to deal with problems without worrying Hillary, and Chinese rafts do work:)  (stay tuned for a future podcast on this)

Liver health and cleansing?  

 Colin from IG 

  1. Dr. Hillary talks about some of the biochemistry of the liver. 
  2. Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NASH)  is growing in children and adult population and why it's not good for you.  
  3. Supplements to help your liver: Milk Thistle helps to unclog the liver, polyphenols from berries and dark colored fruits and veggies- elderberry, black raspberry, blueberries assist in the cleanup of excess triglycerides, Phosphatidyl choline helps liver and gallbladder/bile function,   and drinking filtered water, organic food, and avoiding toxins.  
  4. PCB's, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), and mercury- common liver contaminants in US.  
  5. Coffee enemas do work, but they aren't Ryan's favorite.  Get your StHealthy Coffee now! 
  6. If you want fresh fish buy wild,  from a reputable company- Vital Choice Seafood

Important lessons Ryan has learned in his career?

  1. Ryan answers this through the  lens of looking to the past and noting that he hunted fast when he was younger.  He thinks slowing down and observing animal behavior now, instead of just looking for an opening and wearing himself out.  Patience is the biggest lesson.  He notes knowing your gear is essential, and downsizing (esp with backcountry).  
  2. Don't take so many clothes but he notes there are many things that you will pick up over time.  

Water filtration, Iodine, Chlorine, and it's affect on health? 

Solo custom Archery on IG

  1. Ryan talks about why he changed from iodine tablets to the Steripen for backcountry water filtration. 
  2. Ryan and Hillary discuss what iodine and chlorine and do to body. 
  3. Chlorine can affect the microbiome so it's good to filter it out of drinking and shower/bath water. 
  4. Excess iodine may increase active thyroid hormone when consumed- so may not be good for those with propensity to hyperthyroid disorders such as Graves Disease. 
  5. In fact, the doses in a daily intake is 4 liters per day which would = 2000 mcg per day of iodine- RDA is 1100 mcg.  In Japan, many are consuming 80 thousand a day with diet, so it's unlikely going to hurt you. 

Alcohol and it's effect on the microbiome?

Solo custom Archery on IG

  1. Alcohol disrupts the microbiome, a disrupted microbiome can make alcohol make it worse. 
  2. Endotoxemia can happen due to dysbiosis (unbalanced gut bacteria).  LPS will travel into the blood and cause endotoxemia. 
  3. If your BMI is over 40% you likely have dysbiosis and endotoxemia, possible NASH. 
  4. Being an alcoholic can lead to fatty liver , cirrhosis, liver cancer or failure. 

The Effect of sugar and the microbiome?

Dan from Tasmania

  1. Increased sugar intake increases destruction to the gut microbiome, which is another way to lead to endotoxemia. 
  2. Bad sugars = excessive fructose, HFCS, table sugar, alcohol. 
  3. Good sugars = maple syrup, raw honey, xylitol, erthyritol, agave, fruits
  4. Morning coffee drinks can be more calories and sugar than any meal- up to 95 grams of sugar per drink!
  5. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity related to overloading of toxins. 

What type of protein powder is best for health? 

Ty from Arizona

  1. Refer to HHH Episode #30 to hear Dr. Jill and Dr. Hill talk about the protein powders. 
  2. Animal vs. Plant proteins 
  3. Whey - the benefits, and why many are allergic.
  4. General problems with protein digestion. 
  5. Pea protein and how many don't digest it well either. 

Should I travel to XXX Archery in  to have my wife's bow tuned - I hear they are the best? 

Chris from Washington

  1. Yes!  We highly recommend XXX Archery and the owner Cory Miller as one of the best archery shops around!  Just make sure to call first!