HHH Episode #24: Dave Beronio of Outback Outdoors - Lead by Example

Find Dave at:  IG:    @hollywooddaveoo    Facebook:   David Beronio    Outback Outdoors

Find Dave at:

IG:  @hollywooddaveoo

Facebook:  David Beronio

Outback Outdoors

My biggest strength is leading by example. I’m no better than anyone else, I want to influence and make people’s lives great just by being a good person.
— Dave Beronio

Ryan and Dave met one year ago at the Nevada Train to Hunt, and since then have forged a great friendship.  Dave has been a role model for Ryan in pushing his physical limits, leadership, and creating more optimism in  life.  If you don't know Dave, you probably know him as one of the face's of Cabela's, and as a lead in the hunting show Outback Outdoor's on the Outdoor Channel.  He guides in Wyoming, travels the world hunting and filming, resides over 170 weddings per year, and is a great Dad to his two kids.   Proud of his hunting history, he also helps to research black bears in the Sierra Nevada's, as well as other conservation and public lands issues.  There is so much we could say about Dave, but the best would be from his own words- Lead by Example.  

Ryan and Dave TTH Nevada 2016

Ryan and Dave TTH Nevada 2016

I know how hard I work to be the best, so if somebody beats me, I’m stoked.
— Dave Beronio

Ryan and Hillary start out podcast with a recap of the Nevada Train to Hunt.  What a great time had by all! 

The first 30 minutes include:

  • Intro to how Dave and Ryan met at T2H Nevada.
  • Dave's history of growing up in the Nevada outdoors.
  • His history and love for ski racing as a kid and elite athlete.
  • Dave's hunting introduction and how he got back to hunting after his skiing career. 
  • Chukar hunting and it's struggles. 
  • What Dave attributes his hunting success to.
  • Training for T2H and why it's sad there is no more meat pack:(
  • He touches on Outback Outdoors and being real.
  • Why someone is always tougher than you, and why Dave is stoked about getting beat. 

The second 30 minutes include:

  • Why Hillary felt Ryan was so different after his first T2H in Nevada 2016.
  • Dave's inspiration and why he feels Ryan and Hillary are inspirational.
  • Hammer and Chisel with Scott Carr.
  • Being great people, doing good things in the world, and contributing to society.
  • Dave's guiding job in Wyoming at the R and K Hunting Company and why he changed his previous mindset about what guiding was. 
  • His greatest enjoyment with guiding a new hunter for the first time, and creating an atmosphere of comraderie.  
  • Leading by example and giving thanks for an animal and it's life that nourishes our bodies. 
  • Ryan shares two stories about taking new and old hunters experiences for the first time. 
  • Why not sharing your experience in the backcountry would be a shame. Teach and lead. 
  • Dave shares why giving back is important and volunteering with the Nevada DOW to study bear populations in the Sierra Nevada's.  
  • The truth about the management and research of these bears, and why there is opposition. 
  • Why Dave love's learning about these animals and learning about them in their habitat.  

In the last 20 minutes:

  • How Dave was charged by a bear, and why he has a new appreciation for them. 
  • Why most of the population doesn't realize the amount of respect hunter's have for animals because they spend a lot of time in their environment. 
  • Why hunting is the best wildlife management resource, and when hunting is outlawed, where taxpayer money goes when they have to pay for exterminators and the waste of these animals. 
  • Why context is so important and the reality of eating meat. 
  • Why Dave loves cooking meat that he harvested for his children. 
  • Dave tells us his biggest strength. 
  • Dave tells us his biggest weakness. 
  • And lastly, what he is most grateful for.