HHH Episode #37: Dark Timber's Tony Burlison shares his coffee knowledge, and how to make it part of your backcountry Experience.

My journey of loving coffee started at age 7. One day I was allowed to make a latte on the espresso machine, and I knew it was my life’s calling.
— Tony Burlison
Ryan, Hillary, and Tony hanging in the StHealthy Garden. 

Ryan, Hillary, and Tony hanging in the StHealthy Garden. 

Tony Burlison has been around coffee as far back as he can remember.  It's been a passion of his, along with hunting, since a young age, and now he brought that love to us with the Dark Timber Coffee brand.  A PNW born company, Dark Timber is blowing up the world of backcountry coffee making as we know it.  With the new Ascent pack, this one of a kind coffee single lets you drink a French Press quality drink without packing in all the equipment.  In this episode, Tony talks about his history with coffee, his business experience, his reasons for staring the Ascent packs, and lots more.  

Dark Timbers 4 pillars of service:  

  1. Source the best coffee from around the world.
  2. Roast the best coffee as it's ordered.
  3. Shipped within 48 hours of ordering. 
  4. 10% of GROSS sales go to conversation.

The New StHealthy Hunter Blend

Appropriately for elk season, Dark Timber is teaming up with Hunt Harvest Health to offer the StHealthy Hunter Blend.  Made with beans from Costa Rica and Columbia, this medium roast has wonderful undertones of chocolate, lemon citrus, and fruit.  

Ryan and his StHealthy Hunter Dark Timber blend

Ryan and his StHealthy Hunter Dark Timber blend

By purchasing the StHealthy Hunter Blend, G4, or the Ascent packs you will be supporting a family company that is rooted in the outdoors.  Every purchase you make, 10% will go immediately to the conservation group you prefer, which makes Dark Timber a steward of our public lands, wild animals, and hunting.  


You can find Tony @:

IG @darktimber

IG Tony's personal page @pnw_bowhunter



Products /Companies mentioned:


French Press

Jet Boil with French Press

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers BHA

Wild Steelhead Coalition

Teddy Roosevelt Conservation

What does public land do for us as people? It allows you to be free, to go and roam, where you don’t have to stop at a cross walk.
— Tony Burlison