HHH Episode #74: The World's Most Vilified Plant and How it's Proving to Be the Future of Healing with Matt Kleman

Matt Kleman of Natrapeutics and Dr. Hillary in Bozeman, MT.

Matt Kleman of Natrapeutics and Dr. Hillary in Bozeman, MT.

Todays podcast may push your buttons, but it will also get you thinking. Thinking about how the world’s most vilified plant has been taken away from millions who could be using it to heal. The future is changing though, and today’s guest is a great example of those who wish to stop the devastating effects of conditions and toxic drugs by using this plant to balance the body. Matt Kleman is an expert in the cannabis plant and the many uses it can provide for diseases such as autoimmunity, neurological, pain, anxiety, and cancer. When used properly this plant can provide a great deal and we should be doing more research to make it a major option for healing. I too had preconceived notions about this drug, but as a scientist I can see it’s time has come. We will talk about the endocannabinoid system, CBD, THC, terpenes, and how everyone has different biochemistry and tolerance. We discuss hemp, full spectrum , cancer, pain, PTSD, and the legalities.

It was a fun podcast to do, and is an area of medicine we should all continue to watch.


Contact Matt Kleman- Natrapeutics- Bozeman, MT

Run from the Cure- The story of Rick Simpson

The legalities of the state you live in

Qualifying conditions for obtaining a medical marijuana card

  • Personal experience with CBD (2:30)

  • The study of Cannabis in the last two decades (8:00)

  • Hemp breakdown (17:00)

  • The endocannabinoid system (24:00)

  • THC (34:30)

  • Full spectrum CBD (37:30)

  • “Gateway drug” (55:00)

  • Legality (1:02:00)

  • Home grown (1:09:00)

  • Intent going into usage (1:16:00)

  • Cannabis and cancer (1:19:45)

  • “The munchies” (1:21:30)

  •  PTSD (1:31:00)

  • “Smoking pot destroys your brain” (1:37:00)

  • People who cannot legally get pot (1:45:00)