HHH Episode #9: Backcountry Adventure Hunting with Brian Barney of Eastman's Elevated Podcast


How to connect with Brian:

Ryan meets up with Brian Barney of Eastman's Elevated Podcast.  Brian's energy and love for the backcountry is infectious.  He has years of experience in what he calls Adventure Hunting, where he pushes himself to conquer new adventures in the backcountry.  He is also a prolific write and storyteller, working with Eastman's Bowhunting Journal to share his love for backcountry archery hunting.  It was great to talk with Brian, and learn more about his aspects on health, vitality, and his passion for bowhunting.  

In the first half Ryan and Brian discuss:

  • What created Brian's obsession for bowhunting?
  • What is an adventure hunt?  
  • Food prep and how Brian wants to learn more.
  • Changes that Brian made in his nutrition.
  • Ketogenic nutrition and why he performs better on fats and fasting.
  • Why eating healthy all year is important.

in the second half they talk about:

  • What is Brian's daily and seasonal training regimen.
  • Why he loves trail running. 
  • How he uses VO2 max to test his endurance.
  • How the mountains heal.
  • Ryan shares some of his training routines, and why it's important to diversify.
  • Hiking with weight.
  • Minimalistic packing for scouting and hunting. 
  • Packing light and giving up cooked foods for shorter trips. 
  • Why they both won't give up their coffee, even on backcountry hunts. 
  • Why Brian gets all his nutrition from food, and perhaps adding more protein powders for recovery. 
  • Mountain mush recipe and more. 
Weight is the absolute equilizer in the backcountry.
— Brian Barney
I get a positive psychological advantage from drinking coffee in the mountains.
— Brian Barney