HHH Episode #70: Why You Don't Have to Fear Alzheimers Disease and a Review of The End of Alzheimers with Dr. Bronwyn Bacon

Welcome back to the podcast! It’s been a long stretch here without a new episode, and we apologize for this, but with our move, new jobs, new puppies, and an eventful hunting season it’s been a little rough, but we promise this is about to change! This podcast is one of Dr. Hillary’s favorite topics, and I know you’re thinking what an depressing subject, but I hope to help you realize how much control you have over this very feared disease.

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness month. Alzheimers Disease is projected to be one of the leaders in death, but the book and information we are going to refer to may help shed a light on why the basics and the principles of Naturopathic medicine are so vital for our brain health, cognition, memory, and long life disease prevention.

Dr. Bronwyn Bacon joins Dr. Hillary on the podcast to review the book The End of Alzheimers and many aspects of the referred to cognoscopy, as well as why Naturopathic Principles are foundational to this research.

Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented and in many cases it’s associated cognitive decline CAN be reversed.
— Dr. Dale Bredesen

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Other references:

  • Interview begins (11:30)

  • Podcast background (16:30)

  • Preventative implications for brain health (22:00)

  • The genetics of brain health (25:45)

  • How to have cognitive decline (36:30)

  • Reading labels (39:00)

  • Diabetes/blood sugar type (44:45)

  • Inflammatory type (41:00)

  • Toxic exposure (56:00)

  • Stress reduction (61:30)

  • Markers to look out for (67:00)

  • Hormones (1:10:15)

  • IG questions (1:14:45)

  • Magnesium (1:20:00)

  • Managing sleep (1:27:00)