naturopathic Medicine- A different perspective

The current health  and"disease" care system can be overwhelming, and it's not what many of us want when we need to make changes.  There is a great need for conventional therapies such as surgeries, medications, and lifesaving procedures, but maintaining long term balance is not attained by any of these things.  It's the daily activities, choices, mindset, and relationships that will define HOW we live.

With today's advent of the internet, getting the important health care that you deserve is easier than ever.  With ten years of experience in private practice, Dr. Hillary of Hunt Harvest Health loves working with people all over the world who want a different approach to their health and long term vitality. In many cases, everything except physical exam can be done online, including labs (depending on where you live.) 

 She offers a naturopathic approach, where the whole person is taken into account, and a true partnership in your health is created.  Meeting with her means having  someone to listen, problem solve, and support your health goals.

  If you need help in discovering more about your health, and creating a healing lifestyle, or want to be the best backcountry athlete you can for MANY years to come, lets talk.  

Dr. Hillary Lampers

Dr. Hillary Lampers

If you are interested in learning more, please fill in the form and we will get back with you with details regarding cost, time, and expectations to meet with Dr. Hillary.  In your email please feel free to give us some background and what your health care goals are.  

If you are local to the Seattle area, Dr. Hillary also has limited office visits at her Snohomish clinic, Sky Valley Healing Arts,  and North Seattle location.  

To learn more about her clinic please visit or call 360-863-2152.  

*Dr. Hillary does not take insurance, and is an out of network provider.  If you live in Washington state, she may be able to give you invoicing for out of network benefits.  HSA and flex spending accounts may pay for visits, but this depends on your plan and state. 

Care with Dr. Hillary is not meant to replace your primary care physician or annual physicals and medical exams.  

Vibrant health is a family affair! Β 

Vibrant health is a family affair!  

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