Aging is a fact of life...illness and disease don't have to be. 

We are in the most amazing time right now.  Medicine and the advancements of the modern age are leading us towards living longer and longer lives.  The information and  resources immediately at your fingertips is like no other time in history, and access to education is unlimited.  We have implemented environmental laws to protect our resources and animals. We have "eradicated" diseases that used to kill at alarming rates, and on average many of us will  live decades longer than many of our ancestors.  Miracle drugs, surgery, and the promise that our lives will be easier through science has changed the landscape of   

This however leads to the quandary that we find ourselves in with our STATE of health.  Cancer, neurological disease, autism, and autoimmune disease are at an all time high.  The opiod epidemic and it's fallout are destroying the fabric of many peoples lives.  Medical mistakes are in the top 5 killers of people in the US, and the healthcare system is in shambles.  Our food and water supply are contaminated with toxicants and drugs that were initially created to make our lives easier, but now wreck havoc on the immune and hormonal health of millions.  Children are born with more chemicals in their blood than any other time in history, and we are addicted to not just substance, but the electronics that rule our lives.  The disconnect is real and it's changing our biochemistry.  


Catabolism and Anabolism


The Good and the Bad.  Chaos and Calm. Creation and Destruction.  Birth and Death.  These cycles are forever connected and play out in many ways throughout the universe and the microcausim that is our body. In the Energy & You School (E&U) we talked about the continuous process of catabolism and anabolism.  It's happening each second, day, month, and year of your life.  We are meant to break things down and build them back up again.  Whether it be a muscle, bone, or brain cell, we build through the catabolic and anabolic energy of life.  Our cells and their many functions provide the essential processes of metabolism and growth, and when it's time they break down to start again.  

You can't have one without the other, but as we age the natural process becomes more  catabolic as a whole.  As we insult our bodies with bad food, drink, chronic stress, and time (to name a few) we can only sustain energy and vitality for so long.  Our systems become fatigued and start to slow down.  Our muscle and bone tissues give way to excess fat and our brain becomes slower and our memories fade. Our immune system weakens and our hormones fade, and such grows the fear of aging.  

But what if I told you, that catabolic process is mostly controlled by you.  The long term destruction of aging doesn't have to be the sad story you read above.  We will all get old, and yes-  we will all die.  But what if you had the power to change that picture, to be free of disease and age with strength and the support of a healthy immune and hormonal system?  This is the exciting age we live in, one in which we can apply  education and advancements with a blend of the basic principles of life: Food, Water, Sleep, Movement, Air, and Love.  


Treatment only works when the basics are applied

If you went through the E&U School you have a basic foundation of why proper functioning of your adrenal glands, thyroid, and sex hormones is essential.  You also learned that the gut and liver are key players in how well those systems will be functioning, and if nothing else I hope you learned there is no system that is separate of each other.  Many times are physicians we really want our patients to get better quickly because they are so miserable, sick, and tired.  We want to give them anything that help them to get better soon.  This might be easy in the case of acute infection, illness, or injury.  But what happens when it becomes chronic and the system can no longer manage it?  This requires the work of the patient to change the basics that aren't working anymore.  In most chronic cases, when patients begin to take control and responsibility  for their diet, movement, stress levels, and environmental factors, that's when REAL change begins!  

The E&U Immune and Wellness Program and Guide

Things can get real complicated when discussing the topics we covered in the E&U School.  The immune system and it's integration with our hormonal systems is pretty overwhelming for most people.  Truth be told, it's overwhelming for practitioners, and it can be easy to get lost in the myriad of possible scenarios.

 This program and guide is meant to give you a real strategy for tackling the big topics of immune and hormonal health in a number of ways, and it will allow you to save thousands in medical visits! 

Answer these questions through personal questionnaires: 

  • Where are you on the health spectrum?
  • If you have an autoimmune condition where are you in your health journey?
  • Who and how  are you collaborating with your health care practitioner?
  • Where do you want to go with you health?
  • How is your energy? 
  • What is your nourishment?
  • How is your sleep?
  • Where is your stress level?
  • How are your relationships?
  • How are you moving? 

Then provide:

  • An immune and hormonal call to action.
  • How to get properly tested and what tests are the most important to run. 
  • A specific immune and gut supporting diet as well as healing foods abstracts. (which you got some of in the E&U School) 
  • Stress reduction activities that support your immune and hormonal health. 
  • A supplement guide for specific conditions.
  • A medication guide for specific conditions. 
  • Recipes that support the autoimmune, hormonal, and immune conditions.

And a BIG bonus for you who have Hashimotos Disease!

  • A full program to support your specific condition which will discuss medication and supplemental strategies! and of course incorporate all of the above!  
  • This alone is worth it all! 

Here is what the cost is and when it will be available to you

  • This program will comes complete, with all the above materials, and can be accessed as frequently as needed. 
  • It will be delivered to your inbox August 15th, 2018 where you can begin to learn and discover yourself and where you need to start!
  • You will have full access to Dr. Hillary Lampers via email to answer questions.  
  • The information you will receive will be invaluable and worth hundreds, if not thousands.  
  • PRE-ORDER until August 1st for students of The Energy and You School will get 30% off the full price of $67 - USE THE PROMO CODE ENERGY2018 at checkout. 

  • It will be $67 after August 1st and when launched to the public August 1st.  

  • Get your's today before anyone else knows about it!!! 

Energy and You School 

This program is FREE and helps introduce you to the Immune and Wellness Program and Guide.  Join it now to get a discount on your program! 

The Gut Restoration Guide

Have you downloaded The Gut Restoration Guide yet? It's a great way to learn more about why your gut is so vital to your immune and hormonal health and may a good place to start.  Download here for free!