Sprouts- Harnessing the Sun's Power

Sprouting is a fast and easy way to add nutritious foods that are full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to your diet.   Growing your own sprouts, either in jars or seeds is rewarding and can be done anytime of the year!  Listen to the Hunt Harvest Health Podcast #25 to hear Dr. Hillary talk more about the why and how’s of sprouting!  

Nettle: The Sting that Heals

When most think of nettles, they think of a weed that needs avoidance due to it's "stinging nettles".  I like to think of plants like this as protectors of the secrets- they try to keep you away, smart beyond our years, and they usually hold a nutritional bounty. 

Dandelion- The Great Restorer

What is it about dandelions that make them so resilient?  Every spring they appear in hordes and take over our grassy lawns and gardens.  Found in almost all four corners of North America, dandelions are not given the great healing, and culinary quality, that they deserve.  Like nettles, most people see them as pests, but if you look closer you will see a tonic plant like no other!