Autoimmune conditions are on the rise, as well as conditions like Lyme Disease so getting real world strategies to naturally improve your energy is vital!  Join Dr. Hillary Lampers from Hunt Harvest Health for this FREE school  launching again January 2019!  

Just a few of the topics will be:  

  • Thyroid conditions and the Immune System
  • How the Thyroid, Adrenals, and Sex Hormones work together. 
  • The Gut Brain Axis and why it's the foundation of healthy hormones and energy. 
  • Why the chemicals that run your brain are crucially important for your mood and energy.
  • What is autoimmunity and why is it so common?
  • Practical tools for improving hormonal status and improving energy!  
  • Diet and lifestyle factors vital for healthy hormones and energy!  
  • Just to name a few.....

We will be launching this again January 2019!