These Roots Run Deep

Ryan and Dr. Hillary Lampers

Ryan and Dr. Hillary Lampers

What we’ve learned is that small changes matter.  If you have one pot and access to soil, you can grow a plant.  If you desire to hunt, you can find a mentor(s) to help you provide quality meat for your family.  If you cut out one bad thing and replace it with something healthier, then you are making the changes to create a better quality of life for you, your children, and the planet.   Staying healthy for the long term is our way of life, and he hope to share it with you here.
— Ryan and Dr. Hillary Lampers- Founders

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Hunt Harvest Health Podcast

Where is all started. Listen to Ryan and Dr. Hillary discuss topics such as hunting, gardening, health, and food. By blending their interests, the Lampers provide a bridge for others looking to expand and share this amazing lifestyle.



Stories are what connect us all. Our stories define the deeper meaning of why this lifestyle is important to us and tackle topics that we can all relate to when it comes to nature, health, and the relationships we have with them. These roots run deep.



Wild game, fresh veggies, healing herbs. Food harvested on the mountain, out of the water, or from the garden. This is the best of what nature provides, and we love nothing more than a good recipe. Hunt, Harvest, Health and the recipes that we love.